If you have any questions which are not answered by this FAQ or the Rulebook, please feel free to Contact Us

The front gate is locked and I can't get in!

Site rules require that the gate be locked at all times, and that we may not publicly post the code. If you do not know the code please shoot a message to us through our Facebook page Last Frontier LARP

Is there parking at site?

We have ample parking provided free of charge to all attendants.

Are bathrooms, food, and water provided?

There are bathrooms with flush toilets on site. The drinking water is non-potable, so please be sure to bring enough for the weekend (2 gallons approximately); we will provide some water in coolers at the Saloon. Food is not provided, but we do have a player-run meal plan which turns out excellent food for an extremely low price. Please consult the Last Frontier LARP Community page for the sign up post.

Do I need staff approval for my character concept?

99% of the time, no. If you want your character to have some backstory element that would give them direct power over the world at large or another Player Character (CEO of one of the major corporations, etc.) then you must gain staff approval.

I'm missing a gun or some physreps that my skills require! Can you help?

We offer starter kits at cost for every Job. Each is $10, containing all the tools and physreps you'll need to utilize your skills to their fullest. We also have a small number of new-in-box Nerf Hammershots for $25 and Doublestrikes $15 if you need a gun, work gloves for $5, and safety glasses for $3.